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Our Own Throne

by Evelyn

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Lo Tide
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Lo Tide Oozing with emotion. Overall sound is so very good and creates a mood all of it's own. Favorite track: Waveform.
Unready 04:09
Here we rise ‘unready’, There they lie unwedded in the conscious corner and I alight where I’m thrown, Hope to find Our Own Throne out of love’s disorder And I… Screen to Screen divided, Eyes are wide but unsighted and the world’s in order and We believe in the friendly! They’ll disagree to our ending over guarded boarders And I…
Riverbed 03:00
The Riverbed is lined with friends and family and The tide’s left and time has long abandoned me and In the stillness, at a depth where the light can hardly reach, There sits there - Oh! Some ancient part of me and How beautiful she is! How fragile her thoughts! How honest she can be when she knows what she wants! My mother’s there but hiding among the tallest reeds and My brother stares - he’s fighting to keep his mouth from opening. Alone it seems, I slide in next to this younger me and Here in this dream I’m finding a smile breaks over me and How beautiful we are! How fragile our thoughts! How honest we can be when we know what we want!
Waveform 04:07
Silent, seat-swinging waiting watching your Waveform, Tracing the line run Looking for a shape that looks like you Sharp-spike moments and arches are giving way for Some kind of life force Something like a heartbeat pushing through When I look at the waves they kind of feel like you do, kind of feel like… Cold capture, canned rapture, red light, waiting in pain for Watching the time run Holding out for just one sound profound as you And we listen back, seat back and stare at your Waveform And hear what remains of The moments that you’ve always put me through When I look at the waves they kind of feel like you do, kind of feel like… In the fight against time making lines out of you Praying for the same to remain in the review


‘Our Own Throne’ is the first release from the UK’s EVELYN - an innovative electronic movement citing influences as various as FKA Twigs, Beach House and Nick Drake. With such wide-ranging inspiration for the project, it is an ambitious piece that deals in big emotion and high drama with a powerhouse vocal performance at its core.

More info @ cosmonost.ro/evelyn


released October 26, 2015

Written by JJ Draper
Performed by Evelyn
Produced, mixed and recorded by William Turner
Mastered at Abbey Road
Artwork by Grace Jones


all rights reserved



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