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The Future Will Kill You

by Walkingshoe

Nora ft. yU 02:16
If we could go deep below, like miles under I wonder where does this current go? When you're travelin', diving, deepen my pressure furthermore, breathing H2O Seeing women swimmin' and she was naked though Floatin' by oh my, I open wide both eyes, I slow glide made time go by lethargic I'm watching So was all the other underwater life, in admiration captivated cause she doin' it right She know the water well, and you could sort a tell seen her change mermaid for real, cause I saw the tail I fell into some kind of hypnotism, she made waves her slave and lost within the rhythm. Was cool as shit, human school of fish was in the distance, she gave some kind of signal they scattered - now what is this shit? Comin into view was a big ass glass palace guarded by some kind of merman, I'm being led by her hand Many questions come to mind don't even have the answers, remind me of the city of atlantis, no video could catch this, technology is not allowed thus far the girl I follow is without a sound. Silence broken with the one word spoken in ocean water, as she gave a greetin' and her name was  Nora
You broke blokes slow and woe is meee Dope and dapper ditch the nIGHTCAPS, rowing overseas Steady medicated, heavy levy parched, part the seas Spark the bark embark upon that bitch, better let it breathe Good morning, Merry Chistmas Dropkick the watch in the tub, never fix shit Nada dirty dishes, it’s me and Ms. Misfit Spiffy with the grunge, flow sticky, wet Bisquick. Sometimes I think the world might’ve been a misprint, Shit, nah, piece the peace together and tether it never dismiss it. Better fed than distant, she said I’d never miss this I said I’d rather fuck wichu then make another wishlist You’re perfect. Earth centered and worshipped. My words is sloppy you often offer to just listen To the world, promised not to jump ship Running the function, love, and omit the dumb shit But when we done tripped, I’ll leave you breathless Restless Refless Death Accepted fetch th’gun quick But th’mug quicker, liquor and cough sizzurp Invisibly lifted the latte for the dessert. shit Chill and think about it. Feel alive, dontchu.
Give a nod to me on the way out. Long goodbyes only fade. The body is a temporary state, so we say...until we meet up on the other side...try and be as great as you can be when you('re) alive. Believe in god or believe in guides. Good books are only written ideas you physically apply. It's all human. The con-fluence of a con-duit. My energy is like a shark('s) movement- ...beyond hubris...lust, envy, hate (and) jealous traits. Fightin' for your life, keep yourself awake. You can only be as blind as you are willing. You can only play a game with the card given. So we('re) told...the train of thought and aim of karma is a part of moral code. The more you know. The form floats. Seein' what the eyes don't. Lets save dyin' for another day, more to go- Brain turn Nile Delta when I write a rhyme. Crown jewel shining sharp in the Idol’s Eye. Still waters runnin’ deep durin’ tidal times. Ain’t no level playing fields. Life don’t have a Title IX.
 I think like a Sphinx with a perfect nose. Seventh sense that always tell me all my verses cold. Hero to my people. My life is worth a canvas whole. Old Testament me sippin’ the powder of a calf in gold. Pick and chisel put these bars all on a tablet scroll, and teach it to the children while you preach it to the buildings in the cities full of ghosts and the seeds of their villains in the corners of the darkness where the reaper’s steady chilliln’.
 White noise got me steeped in hissin’. Steam arisen from the tea I’m sippin’, whether I'm chillin’ in Long Beach or Brixton. That’s how I travel when all these patterns is a portal. You wouldn’t understand cuz you a mortal.
The Last One 02:54


TFWKY is Walkingshoe's 2nd Cosmonostro release, and is a highly personal project that explores the nature of existence along with five collaborating MCs. Similar to Walkingshoe's Blastphemy EP, TFWKY is a single, cohesive flowing piece that is best listened to straight through as an album. The productions are once again carefully constructed with a great attention to detail, and can be described as a subtle joining of the organic and the electronic. TFWKY is extremely dense and yet jam packed with tiny details that will leave you listening over and over. Enjoy.

More info @ cosmonost.ro/walkingshoe


released March 2, 2015

All tracks produced & mixed by Walkingshoe
Mastered by Kevin Kearney
Bass on tracks 2 & 4 by Austin Smith
Artwork by 96


all rights reserved



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